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21 Days of Abundance .

Welcome to Deepak Chopra's 21 Day Abundance Meditation Challenge
This challenge is a 21 day commitment of mindfulness and daily practice, designed to move you into an Abundance mindset. You are capable of having anything you desire. Practice these daily meditations and accompanying tasks and watch your life change for the better. 

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Congratulations for making the decision to invest in yourself with the 21 Day Abundance Challenge! Hermione is a huge advocate of Deepak’s challenge and raves about her firsthand results. I’m new to meditation but have been inspired to start the challenge for the first time too and can’t wait to experience the magic for myself. Good luck and please share your success stories with us!

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Day 1

"Today I behold the abundance that surrounds me" - Deepak Chopra

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Day 2

"I create my personal abundance from an infinite source" - Aham Bramasmi

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Day 3

"Today I focus on what I want to attract into my life" - Sat-cit-ananda

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Day 4

“From this moment forward, I invite unlimited abundance into my life.” - Aham Bramasmi

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Day 5

"Today I embrace my potential to be, do and have whatever I can dream." - Sat Chit Ananda

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Day 6

"Everything I desire is within me!" - Ram... ram... ram...

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Day 7

"I use my conscious intention to manifest my dreams" - Sat Chit Ananda

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Day 8

“Through the law of pure potentiality I can create anything, anytime, anywhere" - Om Bhavan Nama

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Day 9

"Today and everyday, I give what I want to receive" - Om Vardanam Nama

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Day 10

“Today I make great choices because they are made with full awareness“ - Om Kriam Nama

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Day 11

”I expect and accept abundance to flow easily to me." - Om Daksham Nama

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Day 12

"I place my intention into the vast ocean of all possibilities and allow the universe to work through me" - Om Mritham Nama

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Day 13

"As I let go of the need to arrange my life, the Universe brings abundant good to me" - Om Anadham Nama

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Day 14

"There is a way I can fulfil my true purpose in life" - Om Varunam Nama
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Day 15

“As I live in present moment awareness, I live the magic of synchrodestiny” - Aham Bramasmi

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Day 16

"Today I remember to be grateful" - Om Vardhanam Nama

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Day 17

"I move through my days light-hearted and care-free knowing all is well" - Sat Chit Ananda

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Day 18

"I celebrate my unity with all life knowing we are all one" - Tat tvam asi

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Day 19

"Today I remember to love everything and everyone I come into contact with" - Sat chit ananda

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Day 20

“Today I treat myself to moments of luxury” - Om Ritam

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Day 21

"Every moment of every day I live my life abundantly” - So Hum

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"Simply with a change of mind you can change your life"

Deepak Chopra

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