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Deepak Chopra - 21 day Abundance Meditation: Day 21

Wow! Congratulations on completing Deepak Chopra’s Abundance Meditation Challenge with me. Today is our final day of our tasks and meditations. It’s been an honor to have led this amazing group of open, brave, self-aware and loving people. 

I can’t wait to hear your personal stories and for you to receive more abundance into your life. 

Message for Day 21

Are you familiar with the seven principles of happiness?

Give to your neighbour

Transmit (love & light)

Let go (of things that do not serve you)

Indulge (live life to the fullest)

Give thanks

Give yourself (be of service)


When these seven become part of your life, happiness will flow into it simply and easily.

Everything is energy and its flow must be circular and continuous in order to return abundance to you. This is how the law of reciprocity works.

Energy current ↔ influx/flow ↔ money/abundance

Keep your channels open and clean so that your energy can flow unhindered! Remember to stay present. This is YOUR time!

Your future is in your hands; you make choices and decisions every day, every moment.

How you use your time, with whom you spend it, and how you feel at every moment determines your life.

Key Takeaways



Recognition of value


Create a video, record audio or write a message describing your experience of journeying through these 21 days of abundance here in the Challenge Group.

Here's a potential structure to follow (feel free to make your own):

- Your name

- Where you are from or where you live or where you are now

- Share some of your findings from our time together

- Did you enjoy participating and moving towards abundance together?

- What you do in life, what do you offer, what ideas for projects you have now, at the end of this

21 day period.

- What will you change, or how will you grow, or what do you want to do differently?

Feel free to use all of your creative abilities in how you describe yourself and your experience. 

Share it with us in the group, capture your feelings now before they are gone. We would all

welcome them!

Today’s phrase:

"Every moment of every day I live my life abundantly”

Mantra: So Hum


Listen to Day 21 Deepak Chopra meditation here.

Congratulations again!!xH.

"Every moment of every day I live my life abundantly”