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Deepak Chopra - 21 day Abundance Meditation: Day 11

In today's meditation, we will look at the Law of Least Effort and how it can support you in being

unattached to the outcome of your deepest desires and intentions.

When your actions are motivated by love, your energy is multiplied and accumulated.

The release of this energy allows you to redirect it and use it to create everything that you want to create. When your spirit is your inner point of reference, all the power of love is at your disposal. You can use this energy creatively, moving toward abundance and evolution in all aspects of your inner being and the life you are creating.

QUESTION N ° 1: According to your conviction, how hard should you work to enjoy true abundance?

QUESTION N ° 2: In what areas of your life would you like to get more abundance?

QUESTION N ° 3: What changes do you need to make to send out your desires into the space of universal consciousness - the source of all abundance? What do those changes look like for you?


Please describe your mother. Write down, as you see her;

Positive aspects


What did you learn from her?

What has created closeness together?

What has separated / distanced you?

If your mother is no longer in this world, focus on her image, join her and write what rises in your memory and feelings.

For some, this will not be an easy task. If this is the case - and you are feeling deep resistance - allow that to rise within you and accept that feeling without letting it prevent you from your own consciousness. While doing it, try to distance yourself from the personal experiences you've had with her. Step outside of your relationship as her daughter or son. See her as just a human, a woman, living her own life.

Today’s phrase:

”I expect and accept abundance to flow easily to me."

Mantra: Om Daksham Nama


Listen to Day 11 Deepak Chopra meditation here.

”I expect and accept abundance to flow easily to me."