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Deepak Chopra - 21 day Abundance Meditation: Day 15

"Simply with a change of mind, you can change your life" – Deepak Chopra

Welcome to week 3 of Deepak Chopra’s Abundance Meditation Challenge - our last week! I hope you’ve been  enjoying the challenges, shift in mindset and are already experiencing an exciting path towards abundance unfolding before your eyes. If you’ve enjoyed the Abundance Meditation, we’d love to hear your feedback. Sign up to the CEO YOURSELF newsletters here and discover more about meditation over on our blog here.



Write a letter of gratitude and recognition to a person who you feel hurt you at some point in life. Meditate so that the image of this person comes to you.

More than one person may appear. But today we’re writing  a letter to just one person.  The one that resonates the most for this moment, in this time.

Before you sit down to write, cleanse yourself of negative emotions towards this person. If you still have resentment or anger and just cannot release it in order to be able to do this task, you can separately write down all these feelings for them on paper and then burn or tear the sheet to Shreds.

It is important not to feel hostility towards a person when you write a letter of thanks to them.

This moment is about seeing the gift that was woven into the experience you had with this person, whether it was because they became a catalyst for change in your life, the hurt they caused you made you choose more wisely in the future, or that it taught you about yourself in new ways.

 The hurt they caused you could have driven you in a new direction in your life, one that was actually - now you look back - your true destiny. It may even be that the pain or anguish they caused you also brought you to a place of new awareness and wisdom, learnings which you now draw from in beautiful ways on your new, more conscious journey. You will know what you are grateful for now in this way.

Write this letter by hand in your notebook.

Today’s phrase:

“As I live in present moment awareness, I live the magic of synchrodestiny”

Mantra: Aham Bramasmi


Listen to Day 15 Deepak Chopra meditation here.

“As I live in present moment awareness, I live the magic of synchrodestiny”