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Home Style with Hermione

Discover Hermione's interiors style and inspiration

How does your home reflect your own style and personality? How has this evolved over the years?

I went through the beige phase that seems to be everywhere on Instagram and then decided with this home that I wanted it to have more personality, and to reflect who we were and our travels, in particular. It was a real marriage of the senses. My husband is much more colourful than me, particularly having lived in India, and he loves and understands art in a way that I could only dream of so I am happy that we were able to marry my more minimal, clean aesthetic with his boisterous, colourful vision.  


Where do you go for general interior inspiration and how do you make your ideas come to life (moodboards, Pinterest, magazines)? 

Rather than seeking inspiration from others, I prefer to just collect pieces I’m drawn to and love along the way, and find a way to mesh it all together to reflect who we are. 


Were there any challenges when styling your home? Did you find it easy to find a balance between achieving practicality and creating an aesthetic space? 

The primary challenge was that we were renovating so we were collecting pieces in for the 6-12 months in the lead up to moving in, and hoping for the best when we moved in and put it all together. Luckily, it mostly worked and the few pieces that didn’t we put into storage for the future. 


Where are your favourite places to shop for furniture and accessories?

We bought and shipped a lot from a weekend trip to Paris, both at the department store Merci and at the Puces de Paris Saint Ouen markets.


Are there any particular pieces which have sentimental value or a nice story behind them which you treasure?

I bought a few pieces for my tiny flat in Portobello which is where we first lived together and fell in love, so they hold special meaning. In particular, I bought a travertine table on eBay for £250 which I absolutely adore and know will travel with me to every home for life. It holds special meaning when I reflect on all the dinners we’ve hosted and laughter we’ve shared around that table. 


Do you have any top tips which make home life easier (e.g storage hacks)?

I’m all about keeping what you love and letting go of what you don’t. Less is more and holding on to things feels like negatively stored energy for me, whether that is furniture or clutter or even fashion. I recycle, gift and sell a lot… only holding on to what holds meaning for me. 


Which is your favourite room in your home and why?

My bathroom. Having a bath at the end of every day with candles and time to journal or read is my ultimate luxury and it’s so cozy and beautiful. 


How are you adapting your home for when your baby girl arrives?

We’re moving into a bigger place temporarily to ensure we have room for visitors and for the nursery, and my step son! I’m excited for this transition. 

Describe the nursery. Which resources have helped you find inspiration and prepare everything?

The nursery is currently a WIP and I want it to be a calm, relaxing and soothing environment for both me and the baby... and for those inevitable late night feeds. I am going with a very neutral, zen feel. Again, with minimal furniture and clutter. 

How do you create a calm atmosphere in the home to meditate or switch off? 

We don’t have technology in the bedroom… and try to limit screen time at night. This, and lighting! We are obsessed with low lighting and lots of candles to move into a more relaxed zone after long, intense days at work. 


What plans do you have next for your home? Do you follow trends?

I try not to… as I said before, I am focused on creating a space that feels comfortable and like ‘us’, surrounded by pieces we love and reflect our style and journey. 


What made you choose your neighbourhood? What are your favourite things about it?

We love Notting Hill! For me as an Aussie, it feels the most ‘community’ like of all the Boroughs I’ve lived in. I also love the stores and the personality of the area. 

"Rather than seeking inspiration from others, I prefer to just collect pieces I’m drawn to and love along the way, and find a way to mesh it all together to reflect who we are."

Hermione Olivia