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My Pregnancy Experience

We sit down with Hermione and talk about her pregnancy journey. From style, to beauty, to cravings, and everything in between.

How has being pregnant changed your everyday life?

Being pregnant has made me more conscious of my limitations daily. I have to make the right decisions for my body and the baby, for example, not over exercising, over working or stressing unnecessarily. I’m aware that every decision affects her.  


Have you adapted your diet at all and have you had any cravings?

Admittedly, I used to run on adrenalin and coffee which had to change! I also used to intermittent fast, mostly unintentionally as my early work mornings tended to turn into work days and I’d suddenly be ravenous and have my first bite at 12/1/2PM. Now I have to ensure I eat as soon as I wake and then throughout the day so being pregnant has massively changed how and when I eat. 

I was obsessed with tomatoes and tomato juice at the beginning of my pregnancy… I honestly could not get enough! Tomatoes soon turned into chocolate and I ate more chocolate than you can imagine for the 2nd trimester. Now I’m in the 3rd trimester, the cravings have subsided and I’m eating more regularly at last.  


How have you adapted your personal style and do you have any tips?

I have mostly avoided maternity clothing. Luckily, I didn’t start to show until 6/7 months into the pregnancy so I could carry on wearing my existing wardrobe. I have bought a few pairs of jeans from brands like COS a few sizes up, and I’m lucky it’s winter so I can just layer up the bump. I’m not sure how I’ll fare in the last few weeks… comfort is key for me so that will be my focus.

What’s been the most positive part of being pregnant?

Preparing for a new chapter of selflessness, connecting with women in a new way and knowing I am creating a family with the right person adds a special connection and purpose to our relationship. 


What’s been the most challenging part of being pregnant?

I have found it quite difficult not being able to do as much as I’m used to. I’m moving slower and need to take time to rest which isn’t very true to my character. 


Have there been any resources which have helped?

Friends, other Mums, books, podcasts and trusty old Google. 

How has your exercise regime changed and what would you recommend?

I have really pulled back on the exercise and now just do 1:1 pilates and a weekly session with Rosie of @mamawelluk. I do daily stretches for my bad back, have weekly massage and have just started acupuncture again. 


Have you noticed any other physical changes? 

So many! The female body is extraordinary how it transforms through this journey. I’m just going with the flow, in awe of what it’s doing to create life.  


Have you adapted your beauty regime and what do you love using?

I haven’t had the time or patience for much beauty throughout pregnancy so I’ve mostly leant in on my skincare regime. I love Augustinus Bader creams, Nuxe sunscreen, Dr Barbara Sturm cleansers and moisturisers, Chanel Beauty serums and masks. 


Are there any pregnancy products you can’t live without?

I have been moisturizing my body and bump with coconut oil nightly to avoid stretch marks.


Are there any self-care or lifestyle practices which have helped?

  • Meditation
  • Journaling 
  • Enforcing time for rest 
  • Nightly bath with magnesium salts 
  • Reading and learning about pregnancy, birth and beyond 
  • Weekly massage and acupuncture sessions

What advice would you give someone at the beginning of their pregnancy based on your personal experience?

Try to go with the flow and trust the process. The body is embarking on its most creative and incredible journey so there will be endless new feelings and ‘symptoms’, ride the wave.  


Is there anything you’re doing now to prepare your body postpartum? 

I’m just trying to hydrate, eat healthily where possible, move my body when I have the energy, rest as much as possible and let the body do its thing.

"The body is embarking on its most creative and incredible journey so there will be endless new feelings and ‘symptoms’, ride the wave."

Hermione Olivia