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Become the CEO of your own life

Our Top Tips for a Balanced and Healthy Year Ahead

Making YOU the CEO of your life

We hope you’re already having a good start to the new year! With many of us taking the time to set intentions, goals and make plans for the months ahead, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite ways to get the most out of every day. Let us know which of these work for you and any of your own top tips in the comments below!


Habit stack in order to implement a beneficial routine. For example, if you have the habit of drinking coffee every morning you may choose to meditate after your coffee to instil this habit in a simple way. For more information about forming positive habits read Atomic Habits here.


Hydrate your body. It sounds so simple but is crucial to our overall mood, skin, energy levels, digestion, weight loss goals, joint health, blood pressure, body temperature and more! If you struggle to remember to drink water there are specific apps dedicated to water consumption  or you can set a reminder on your phone. It’s sometimes helpful to chop up fruit such as lemon, add cucumber or mint to make water more appetising for you, keep a big bottle on your desk or even use one with time markings.


Meditate every day in order to invest in your overall emotional health and wellbeing. It’ll help you find clarity, calm and streamline your thoughts. If you’re unsure where to start, read our blog post on meditation here. If you’d like to take part in Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days of Abundance Meditation Challenge find out more here.


Journal your thoughts so you aren’t internalising everything in your mind. It’ll help you get to know yourself, get your thoughts in order and achieve perspective. It can even help with your confidence and self-identity as you bring your most private thoughts, dreams and fears to the forefront of your mind, inspiring creative ideas and prompting you to take action. 


Declutter your life in all areas in order to find balance, streamline your most important tasks and feel less overwhelmed. Tidy up the apps on your phone and emails in your inbox regularly, clean out your fridge, create a clear work space, regularly sort through your wardrobe, shelves and bathroom cabinets  and only use what you really need or love. Declutter your mind each night for a more restful sleep by gently unwinding and having a proper bedtime routine. This could be anything from meditating before bed, not using technology or watching TV  an hour before sleep, journaling or lighting candles in a calm space.


Prioritise what’s important to you, your beliefs and your goals. Quantify your daily tasks by writing lists of what’s most important so you tackle the most urgent or most meaningful first. If you find yourself ‘’trying to do it all’ learn to say no where necessary to refocus your energy on your goals and free up valuable time.  Check out apps like Motion and utilise your email calendar to its full ability. You’ll feel less stressed, anxious and more opportunities will arise.


Move your body in some way every day for at least 30 minutes. Whether you track your daily steps on your phone, feel more motivated by attending a fitness class with a friend or prefer to ‘’switch off’’ while running, find what works for you and stick to a routine. You’ll benefit from less stress, better sleep, better circulation and increased mental clarity. 


Find beauty in something, no matter how small, every day and learn to find gratitude. In our fast paced world with our stresses and struggles we can sometimes forget that life doesn’t have to be so complicated. Appreciate the small things, whether it’s the feeling of the morning sun on your face outside or a smile from a stranger. Notice your shift in perspective and try to remember at least 3 things you are grateful for at the end of each day, before you go to sleep.


Share your successes no matter how big or small along with the high and lows with the people around you. Tap into your personal  network to feel supported and empowered rather than internalising your feelings. Utilise your professional network by building meaningful relationships and take advantage of networking tools such as LinkedIn which make this easier for you.  The more you help others, the better you feel about yourself and find that in turn, more doors will open for you. 


Cherish Every Opportunity which comes your way and become the CEO of your own life. We’re here to help you with our podcasts, newsletters and resources.

Fuel yourself properly. As they say, you are what you eat! Eat every colour of the rainbow, take your supplements and let yourself have a treat... read: croissant or baguette every once in a while, we believe life is for living! 

"The Secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine"

Mike Murdoc