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Just being is Miraculous

Do you often find yourself feeling that you are not doing enough? That no matter what you achieve in a day, it’s not enough? I do. I could blame the social media world we live in but it’s me. It’s within. It’s ingrained. Even if I’ve smashed out the work day, I’ll think ‘why didn’t I make time to exercise’? If I’ve ticked everything off my to-do list but run out of time and ordered deliveroo, I’ll think ‘I should have cooked something healthy’. How Unhealthy! Nothing is ever enough. Thus, I’ve been on a purposeful mission of late to simply be. No doing, no achieving, simply being. It’s seriously, unexpectedly hard! As someone who has spent their life writing to do lists, keeping myself busy and trying to make things happen, simply being present is hard work. However, thanks to my baby and this time out I’ve taken, what has occurred to me in the process is that 

"Just being is miraculous in itself. "

Experiencing the joy that she brings those around her by just being is slowly shifting my sense of self worth. Spending time with her, watching her breathing, learning to use her hands, smiling and taking in the world is the wildest achievement I’ve ever watched unfold. It’s slowly moving me into feeling that I, too, am enough, just as I am. We are more than our job titles or bank accounts. We are incredible just being here. There is so much pressure in this modern world, to be more, to look good, to achieve, to do and be better… when the simple act of being is a miracle in itself. 

What if we marveled at ourselves in the way we marvel at our children? 

Xanthe breathes, sits up or sneezes and to me, it’s as if she did a £100M capital raise. It’s extraordinary. In experiencing her being, I am learning to love myself for just being. I learn to set aside all of these unrealistic expectations, and appreciate myself for simply being here and doing my best. Another unexpected experience in becoming a mother, a transformation in my self worth. 

On that note, I’ve been loving Marissa Peer’s content lately. She pioneered the ‘I am enough’ movement. Repeat after us: I am enough. You are enough. Just as you are, just being. I want to remind you that anything you are doing is incredible and miraculous. I invite you to just be, to simply sit in who you are and marvel at yourself for doing just that. You are more than enough, everything you are doing and have done is incredible. Let’s strip off the unnecessary expectations to do and be more and love ourselves for just being. From that place, we can have meaningful ambitions, chase our dreams but fall back on the feeling that we are enough, just as we are.